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January 22nd, 2016 Workshops

Matt Reel will return in January 2017 for a single all-day workshop with BSSF. If you have not taken advantage of Matt’s previous visits this is your chance to learn and benefit from one of the premier bonsai artists in the United States.

Your primary tasks in January can be repotting or styling, and Matt can assist with both!

Contact Catherine Wolf or Eric Schrader to sign up (contact [at sign]bssf.org) or 415-823-7984.

About Matt Reel

After an eight-year apprenticeship with Shinji Suzuki Matt Reel returned to the United States in 2014 as an accomplished bonsai artist. He is now a resident of Portland, Oregon and a member of the Portland Bonsai Village. Matt first became aware of bonsai when at 14 years of age he came across some “Mall-sai” and was captivated by the uniqueness of a living art. His first teacher, Robert Guitron, hosted Boon Manakitivipart for a workshop in Portland. After observing Boon’s work Matt knew Japan was the place he needed to be. With the help of Boon and Michael Hagedorn, Matt became the third apprentice of master Shinji Suzuki. During his apprenticeship, Matt learned all facets of the art including a thorough understanding of bonsai display practices.

Workshop Key Information:

Cost: $120 per person for a full-day workshop

Date: Sunday, January 22nd, 9:30am-5:30pm
Location: Garden Room in SF County Fair Building.
Check with Catherine for registration status.

How to Sign Up: email Catherine Wolf catherine.wolf(atsign)wolfwerk.com or call/text her at (415)299-7061.

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