The club meets every 2nd Thursday for our regular club meeting for a presentation and every 3rd Thursday for a workshop. Bring your trees to give and get help from others in the club. (Note that there is no 3rd Thursday workshop in December)

Location and Directions

Upcoming Meetings, Workshops and Events:

Jan 8, 2016 – Master Series Workshop with Peter Tea


Peter Tea will be here in January for the next Master Series workshop. Workshop is $120 and limited to 6 participants. 9:30AM ? 5:30PM in the Garden Room at the SF County Fair Building. January is the perfect time to repot! (and it’s the topic of the general meeting too!) If you really want your collection to start to shine, get serious and take a masters’ series workshop this year.

Jan 12, 2017 – Repotting Techniques with Bernard Marque


Our own Bernard Marque will demonstrate root work and repotting techniques during this member meeting. These techniques are critical to master. You may be surprised how the little details escape your memory if it?s been a year since you repotted a tree. A refresher and a chance to ask Bernard questions will benefit us all. (Last names A – B bring refreshments)

Jan 19, 2017 – Third Thursday Members Free Workshop

Members or anyone that wants to join BSSF can bring trees to the San Francisco County Fair Building to work on with other members. It is always an opportunity to learn something new for your trees. 7PM to 9PM in the Garden Room.

Jan 22, 2016 – Master Series Workshop with Matt Reel


Matt Reel returns for a winter Master Series workshop. Workshop is $120 and limited to 6 participants. 9:30AM ? 5:30PM at a location in San Francisco.

Feb 9, 2017: Using technology to improve bonsai outcomes

Technology and bonsai are not antithetical. This evening Catherine Wolf will share how technology helps her imagine and save future tree designs, track tree progress and maintenance.(Last names C – D bring refreshments)

Mar 9, 2017: Evolution in Bonsai Styling

This will be a panel discussion moderated by Jonas Dupuich. Panel includes Eric Schrader, John Boyce and Peter Tea. Examples of historic and contemporary styles will be selected from Kokufu exhibition catalogs to stoke opinion and sharing. (Last names E – F bring refreshments)

Other 2017 Planned Programs:

Apr 13, 2017: Success with Satsuki in San Francisco with Darren Wong (Last names G – H bring refreshments)
May 11, 2017: The Role of Water in growing bonsai with Ryan Nichols (Last names I – J bring refreshments)
June 8, 2017: Juniper Practicum Lecture with Eric Schrader (Last names K – L bring refreshments)
July 13, 2017: Evaluating Material to Purchase with Jonas Dupuich (Last names M – N bring refreshments)
Aug 10, 2017: Gordon Deeg topic is to be determined (Last names O – R bring refreshments)
Sep 14, 2017: BSSF Fundraiser Auction (Last names S bring refreshments)
Oct 12, 2017: Bespoke Bonsai Stands with Austin Heitzman, Ryan Neil?s stand maker (Last names T – V bring refreshments)
Nov 9, 2017: Three Stations for Styling with Ivan Hernandez, Gary Tom and a third to be confirmed (Last names W – Z bring refreshments)
Dec 14, 2017: Annual Holiday Party and Member Sale benefiting BGLM (Everyone contributes to potluck)

REMINDER: Member Meeting Refreshments – Everyone Asked, Everyone Benefits
Members are asked to bring refreshments to our monthly meetings based on the first letter of their last name. The schedule is reasonably allocated so that each member only has one meeting to cover per year (excluding our two pot lucks). May is I – L, June is M – N, July is a Potluck, Aug is O – R, September is S, October is T – V, November is W – Z, Dec is a Potluck. The club will continue to bring dry good (plates, napkins, etc.) and hot beverages (tea, coffee) to each meeting.

In Progress Workshop Series:

January, 2016 -January 2018 – Juniper Practicum

2015-08-30 18.37.35

The Juniper Practicum is a 2-year group workshop series that aims to teach participants how to grow and transform normal nursery stock junipers into bonsai. The series is currently fully booked, but look for another Practicum to start in January 2017.

For more details, progress and rules see the Juniper Practicum page:

The Juniper Practicum