Local vendors:

Call, visit, or find them at local shows. Supporting your local vendors is a great way to ensure a great selection of tools, materials, and supplies at every show.

Jonas Dupuich – Bonsai trees, pots, and services; author of Bonsai Tonight. Vendor of Soil, Japanese Pots, tools etc at local events and online.
Email: jonas@bonsaitonight.com
Phone: 510-915-2025
Online store is a great resource for bonsai tools, soil, and supplies. Local pick-up available by appointment in Alameda.
Website: http://bonsaitonight.com/
Online store: https://store.bonsaitonight.com/

Jim Gremel – High end bonsai grower, good supplies
Website: Dear Meadow Bonsai email: jim@gimgremel.com
Address: 3700 Deer Meadow Lane, Occidental, CA 95465 (By appointment only)
Google Map
A great source for: copper wire, some Chinese pots, hand-made pots. Trees from $200-$20,000, tools, akadama, pre-mixed bonsai soil.    Selection of available supplies varies from year to year so contact him to check.
Phone:(707) 874-1679 (Please limit calls to 10 AM – 9 PM California time) Nursery open by appointment only please call to schedule a time (Jim is there most of the time as it is also his house.)

Mendocino Coast Bonsai – Seller of collected redwood trees primarily. Also sells collected junipers, mendocino pygmy cypress, tools, Sara Rayner pots, chinese pots, some stands
email: shimon@mcn.org
phone: 707-884-4126
Located in Point Arena, CA (By appointment only)

Lone Pine Gardens – Bonsai stock and starters
Ian, Janet & Steve Price
email: ianprice@comcast.net
Address: 6450 Lone Pine Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Google Map
Source for Wholesale, Retail, Unusual Ornamentals, Bonsai — Cacti — Succulents.     Excellent source or basic bonsai material at inexpensive prices.    Small starter material and accents material up ground grown stock in many varieties.    Most material still requires many years of training or ground growing to be good bonsai.
Phone: 707-823-5024
Fax: 707-824-1677

Grove Way Bonsai – Bonsai, Bonsai supplies, bonsai tools.
1239 Grove Way
Hayward CA
Owner – Johnny Uchida
Website: http://www.yamatobonsai.org/bonsai-suppliers.html

Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens
Website: Lotus Bonsai email: mail@lotusbonsai.com
Address: 1435 Lower Lake Drive, Placerville, CA 95667
Google Map
Phone: 530-622-9681
Fax: 530-622-9396

Muranaka Bonsai Nursery
Address: 419 Pajaro Lane, Nipomo, CA 93444
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Source for “trees for bonsai and landscape”
Phone: (805) 929-4818

Hida Tool – retail sales of Japanese gardening tools and some bonsai tools and supplies.
Website: http://www.hidatool.com/
Email: hidatool@hidatool.com
Phone: (510) 524-3700

American Soil Products – for soil components
website: American Soil Products
Address: 2121 San Joaquin St., Richmond, CA 94802
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Source for soil components by the cubic foot or the truckload. They have Pumice, Lava, Bark, no Akadama or other bonsai specific products.
Phone:(510) 292-3000

Rice Trucking – for soil components
website: http://www.soilfarm.com/
The yard is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Google Map
Source for soil components by the cubic foot or the truckload. They have Lava, Bark, Decomposed Granite; no Akadama or other bonsai specific products (and no pumice).

Reputable Online Vendors:

When you need a tool or item delivered to your door, the following vendors offer great service.

Dallas Bonsai
Dallas Bonsai
Location: Dallas, TX
A great source for:
A complete line of tools and supplies.
Use coupon code “BSSF2015” for 10% discount at checkout.


California Bonsai Studio
California Bonsai Studio
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
A great source for:
Masakuni tool dealer. General bonsai supply.

GSBF Bonsai Shopper Page

A listing of bonsai resources for the entire state and beyond.


  1. Catherine Lelong
    May 17th, 15


    Are there any nurseries in San Francisco you would recommend?


  2. Eric Schrader
    May 22nd, 15


    No, I don’t normally buy bonsai here in the city. Our club does hold a public auction in September if you’re interested. It’s on the normal meeting date (2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30pm)

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