John Boyce teachingBSSF is an organization that promotes learning and the enjoyment of bonsai. We endeavor to help people understand how to take care of their trees and how to artistically style them so that they can gain the most enjoyment possible from each one.

This is the main page of our guides section, an index of articles and resources aimed toward providing instruction and reminders for bonsai work in the San Francisco bay area.

If you have no background in bonsai, here are “The Very Basics.”

The Care Calendar is a full year guide to bonsai care. Print it out and tape it on your refrigerator as a reminder for what you should be doing. (This is a somewhat large file so be patient if you have a slow internet connection.)

The Care Calendar is also broken down into two-month sections, showing more immediate reminders with accompanying seasonal suggestions in the text of the articles.

April-May calendar
June-July Calendar
October-November-December calendar

Species Guides:

Black Pine

Some sites that also contain useful information about bonsai:

Evergreen Gardenworks

Knowledge of Bonsai

Art of Bonsai


  1. Brian
    Aug 21st, 16

    Hello, I was searching for info on coastal redwood bonsai. It appears you guys have a care sheet of sorts, in the form of notes from Tim Kong. How do I go about getting a copy of it?

    Warmest regards


  2. Eric Schrader
    Sep 24th, 16

    Hi Brian – Send an email to contact (at sign) and we’ll see if we can help!

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