Past Presidents

Past Presidents

Past presidents in politics get up to some pretty interesting things. We have only to wait for Obama to leave office to see if he’ll fit the mold or not. As for me, I’ve had a few members ask me whether I’ll be continuing on in some of the variety of capacities that I’ve filled for the last couple years.

To be clear, it has not traditionally been the role of the president to give workshops, to instruct at 3rd Thursday, to maintain the website, and to write half the newsletter content. A BSSF president is formally responsible only for directing the organization and for filling gaps in coverage by the board members on key tasks. The other roles that I’ve been filing are largely just things I enjoy doing (besides the art of bonsai itself obviously.)

As past president I’ll still be around, giving workshops, writing some content (perhaps a bit less) providing my opinion on tree styling and even working on the website. BSSF has grown in the last couple years and I’m looking forward to next year when I can enjoy all the enthusiasm of my fellow members.

Among the important initiatives that we need to move forward with in 2017 are: planning for a new show with a new venue; maintaining our calendar of informative and educational programs; and fostering our community of bonsai enthusiasts to ever greater feats of horticultural art.

I’ll be seeing you around, don’t worry.