Overwintering spring – the year without a show

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Articles And Stories, Eric's Blog
Overwintering spring – the year without a show

For the last couple weeks I’ve been enjoying the spring growth on my trees. The winter weather this year was apparently beneficial for the trees and we are now seeing the results. For as much as I can enjoy the beauty itself, that enjoyment also reminds me of walking the halls of the Flower and Garden show over the years during our now-defunct annual show.

Bonsai shows can be amazing and beautiful when properly executed, and I think that our exhibits over these past few years have been notably enjoyable.

As our organization moves forward through 2017 I think it’s important to remember the lessons that spring teaches us, the lessons that a heavy rain might more properly teach than mild weather. While wintering this period without shows we should be storing our energy and building toward the future, so that when we emerge we can dazzle as much as a spring showing on a plum tree.

Take these steps to help your own collection and to help BSSF move closer to putting on a show that will delight and impress:

  • Stay attentive to horticulture, and keep your trees healthy and in top condition.
  • Nurture those members around you, build community.
  • Support BSSF financially, contribute to demonstrate your appreciation for all the volunteer hours that make this organization run.
  • Volunteer to help with the show.
  • Volunteer to help with fundraising.

If only ten people reading this article did all of the above we would be so much closer to putting on our next show.

I managed to visit the biennial Ikebana International exhibit here in San Francisco last month and was pleasantly surprised to see the large exhibit hall in our own Hall of Flowers all decked out in black table coverings and interesting tall backdrops.

A lovely display by the Ikebana International group, with natural-tone backdrops, black table coverings and abundant natural light.

I’m asking 25 members to commit to a full 3 days of work to make our next bonsai show happen. Those are not hours spent on bonsai itself, but hours spent on planning, preparation, moving, staging, arranging, tending and breaking down a show. Send an email, call or talk in person. Let’s make the 2018 show happen.