Cherry Blossom Roundup

Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in Articles And Stories, Eric's Blog
Cherry Blossom Roundup

The Cherry Blossoms this year on street trees around San Francisco put on a much better than normal show, blossoming profusely after a winter of heavy rain and slightly colder than normal conditions. Even during the Cherry Blossom show there were drifts of discarded petals on the streets, congregating against curbs in eddies in the wind.

Cherry Blossom as a show has always been an afterthought for me, a show that takes place only a few weeks after the end of the SF Flower and Garden show. This year, being the only show that we participated in I felt a bit more invested. It was the usual suspects that showed up with trees, from Yamato Bonsai Kai, Marin Bonsai Club, San Francisco Suiseki Kai and BSSF.

If you missed the show, you missed some really nice trees. So enjoy a few photos.

The Jay show – his large black pine and accompanying “accent” trees.

Gary Tom’s old San Jose (or maybe Prostrata?) juniper.

Closeup of the roots on my little Japanese black pine.

My little exposed root Japanese black pine.

Bernard’s Italian stone pine, grown from a seedling.

My large juniper, Bernard’s quince and a privet.