Holiday Traditions Getting Even Better

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Catherine's Blog
Holiday Traditions Getting Even Better

We have a big change coming for this December?s Holiday Party on December 8th. In the past, we?ve asked members to donate items for a silent auction benefiting the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt Curator?s Fund. This year, the BGLM Curator?s Fund will still benefit from our event but in a new way. Members are encouraged to bring better quality trees, pots, tools and accessories that you want to sell to other members. Sellers will keep 80% of the sale price. The other 20% will be added together with proceeds from a raffle to benefit the BGLM Curator?s Fund. Members can continue to donate items for the evening raffle. And of course, the tradition of our yummy pot luck dinner continues. All members and family are welcome. Set-up begins at 6:30. Dinner begins at 7:00. Buy-It-Now closes at 7:45. Raffle prizes will be awarded at 8:00. Bidding closes at 9:00. Read on for more details.


The value of items for sale should be greater than $25.00. You can combine items to reach that threshold, but they must be sold together. Items of any amount can be donated and will be included in the raffle. BSSF might combine some items for the raffle. Items should arrive between 6:30 and 7:00. Bidding and Buy-It Now options begin promptly at 7PM.


Attendees can purchase raffle tickets until 8:00. Each raffle item will have its own basket of tickets. To have a chance to win an item, you must drop some of your purchased tickets into the basket for that item.


Sellers will fill out a bidding sheet for each item they are selling. Seller will specify a starting bid amount for each item that is at least $25.00. The opening bid must be for at least this amount. Bidding increments will be specified on the bidding sheet and determined based on the starting bid. Interested parties will make a bid by writing their name and bid amount on the provided sheet. Bidding opens at 7PM and closes at 9PM at which point the final bidder will pull the bidding sheet for all items purchased.


Sellers can also specify a Buy-It-Now price for an item on the bidding sheet. Attendees can opt to buy the item at this amount rather than try to get the item through the bidding process. To take advantage of the Buy-It-Now price, the buyer should pull the bid sheet for the item. Once you pull the bid sheet, you are committing to purchase the item. You cannot change your mind and return the bid sheet. The option to buy at the Buy-It-Now price begins at 7PM (no earlier) and expires for all items at 7:45 (no later). After 7:45, the only way to buy an item is through the bidding process.


We will accept credit cards, checks and cash for items purchased and for raffle tickets. California Sales Tax will be added to the final bid or Buy-It-Now price for items sold. Sellers will receive a check from BSSF within one month after the event for the pre-tax sales price for their items less 20% for the Curator?s Fund.


Raffle ticket sales along with 20% of the final price for all sold items will be aggregated together and used to offset the cost of the room and food provided by BSSF. The remainder will be sent to the BGLM Curator?s Fund.


BSSF provides carved turkey, a vegetarian main course, hot beverages and dry goods for the pot luck. Members should bring all other appetizers, main course alternatives, side dishes, desserts and drinks.