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The BSSF logo tree is a living tree that is now part of the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt permanent collection. It is a prostrata juniper with branches that are Kishu “Shimpaku” Chinese juniper.

The tree has been in training as a bonsai since the 1950’s. Diane Cook, who was one of the first presidents of BSSF n the 1960’s, wanted to use the tree as the logo but was concerned about doing so without the owner’s permission. She wrote to ask permission to use the image of the tree and to her surprise, Mr. Robert Harrington, who owned it at the time agreed not only to allow it to be used but to donate the tree to the club.

For a more detailed history you can check out the article that John Pennington wrote in 2007.

Logo Tree History

After many years in the care of various club members, BSSF donated the tree to BGLM in 2004, both as a contribution to the garden and as safe-keeping for the tree. The tree has gone through many different stylings and in many cases the logo has been updated to reflect the changes in the tree or the container that it is in.

The tree is currently undergoing a long-term restylng that involves adding deadwood features and creating a more compact branch structure.

Also check out the article that details Yasuo Mitsuya’s restyling of the tree in 2003.

Logo Tree Restyling