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  1. Nicole
    Aug 8th, 15


    I hope this email finds you well. I am with a company called San Francisco Florist. I am reaching out you to find out if you would let me know if there is a resource for us to purchase a large bonsai. I can provide photos of what we are looking for if needed. We realize these bonsai take many years to grow and have been maintained with much care and attention and are therefore not readily available for purchase. But if you can point me toward someone who might be willing we would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you kindly,

  2. Eric Schrader
    Aug 8th, 15

    Hi Nicole. I’m happy to help with at least some more information for you. Please feel free to send a couple images to contact(at sign)bssf.org

  3. Irene Okupnik
    Aug 11th, 16


    I got a beautiful juniper tree 4 months ago. I have received instructions how to care for it and have been following them carefully. But, about two weeks ago, some foliage started turning brown and it is spreading fast. Would you, please, help me to determine what, if anything, went wrong and what should I do?

    Thank you very much for your assistance. Irene

  4. Eric Schrader
    Sep 24th, 16

    Hi – I’m sorry to hear that your juniper is not doing well. Please feel free to bring it to a 3rd Thursday class or a 2nd Thursday general meeting. We can diagnose problems. Many juniper bonsai given as gifts are in poor health when they are received. You should not be discouraged if your tree struggles or dies. We teach basics classes to give people a foundation of knowledge for growing bonsai, check out the meetings page.

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